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  • Keepvid helps download Youtube videos with HD resolution
  • Keepvid Mp3 converter provides an easy way to convert Youtube to MP3
  • We also sport an efficient way to download Youtube playlist, try it out
  • Unlimited, free, high quality conversions and fast video & mp3 downloads
  • No additional software required to start downloading, only internet browser
  • We work fine on Android, Iphone, tablets and all other mobile device
  • Download Youtube with Bookmarklet

    Simply drag this link KEEPVID to your browser's Bookmarks. Then, whenever you're on a page with some video - click the bookmark to be redirected here. This way there's no need to copy/paste URL. We're sorry, due to abuse, this method will require a manual submit on first conversion (each session)..

    It is very easy to use KeepVid to download youtube videos or convert youtube to mp3 in 4 quick steps..

    Please note, everything happens right here, in your Internet Browser. To copy or paste Video URL, please, tap or click in the browser Web Address box, No apps or addons, just same old web address box, where you enter or any other web address. No complicated hidden clicking required.. Keepvid Mp3 made easy!

    Copy Video Page URL (tap and hold, or press CTRL+C)

    Paste it into the Box Above (same, or CTRL+V)

    Press the big button near the box above

    Select HD Video Format & HQ Mp3 Download

    Q: How to use Keepvid to download online video and audio?

    Answer: the 4-step process shown above in brief can be explained with more details. Hopefully this makes your visit more pleasant. Here's how everyone can download youtube videos using keepvid:

  • Locate the online video you want to download. Open it in your internet browser app. If you are using youtube app, find it in there somehow. You don't have to play the video, we just need to copy Video URL address (video link).. .
  • Video Link is the "address" online where you can find that video. We really don't know what video you want to download, so this link is needed to start the process.
  • Where to find video link? It usually shows up in browser address bar when you open this video. On desktop, press F6 to jump to browser address bar, then press CTRL+A to select text, CTRL+C to copy selected text into Clipboard.
  • Youtube or facebook apps on your phone will usually show a share button, tap it and in menu select Copy to Clipboard to copy address of the page with the video.
  • Open keepvid, and Paste the video URL link from clipboard into the box on the page. Desktop users need to Right-Click in the box, select Paste from the menu. Or left click in the box and press CTRL+A to paste the video link.
  • Mobile users: tap the box and hold your finger until a menu shows up, in that menu select Paste, or some icon that does the Paste, if you cannot see words like android sometimes confuses with icons. This will place earlier copied video link into the box. Now you caт go ahead and hit the blue Download button
  • Site will refresh with video image screenshot and title. Please, make sure it is the video you want before download youtube video. When 100% sure, use red button "Download HD Video" to download video, or if you want a different format, hit the options button next to download button, it will expand with more download options for video and audio. To make sure download happens 100% every time, Right-Click on download link and select Save As (Mobile users: tap & hold, select Save Link As from the menu)
  • If only downloading youtube, we will also offer youtube to mp3 converter buttons. We are working on bringing different other mp3 converter options, but so far it is best to use outside sources to download facebook video. try our other services, like twitter video downloader and twitch clip downloader.
  • Q: What to do if my video isn't downloading but playing instead?

    Answer: This annoying behavior has become a standard recently, most browsers doing exactly this - streaming video and audio, rather than downloading it. Try these methods in case you cannot download files straightforward.

  • Windows Desktop: Right-Click on the download link, select Save Link As to donload the video.
  • Android: Tap and Hold (your finger) on the download button. Select Download File option.
  • Mac/IOS: you'd need special browser or app to download files, otherwise video download isn't possible on Apple devices 😞
  • Windows Desktop: some browsers respond to CTRL + Right-Click and start downloads automatically.
  • Q: Where do I find the downloaded video files?

    Answer: in your internet browser, open Main Menu & go to Downloads. You can also use an app to browse files on your phone. Or you can open main Downloads folder on a Windows Desktop, it can also be the Desktop folder itself..

    Keepvid knows, Downloading and Storing copies of videos counts as fair use under U.S. copyright law. Please respect the rights of content owners and do not share copyrighted content anywhere. We are not affiliated with any video hosting websites we work with. This Website is to be used only to downloading online video that belongs to you, or owners rights have been passed to you, or the video is common licensed which allows one to download it.